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It looks clean, but it would have been nice to not have to take that extra step.

I guess it really depends on what you intend to use the cameras for, but for me it is worth it to be able to review past events and set up custom activity zones and notifications.

I agree that it would be nice if Nest would offer additional options regarding length of storage (currently limited to 10-day or 30-day options).

I needed to reboot my router and change the Wi Fi channel from 1 to auto - so far so good.

My biggest gripe is the Nest Aware cloud storage service to provide monitoring features and storage of your history.

I've tried other camera options - ones with a DVR, Arlo (feared the batteries dying and hated the motion activated recording). I have mixed emotions about this product for a number of reasons.

I bought 5 of these with the intention of installing all of them on the same day, so far I installed 2 - I might return the rest.

In other instances, a hole might be drilled through the exterior wall or into attic space (7/8" is required to pass the connector through) and the cord connected to a power source inside, thereby hiding most or all of it.

In my situation, our home was built with cat5e wiring to various exterior points specifically for connecting security cameras. WS-POE-USB-Kit for i Pad or Tablet, Remote USB Charger Via Po E Ethernet Cable up To 328 Feet With 5 Volts 10 Watts and Female USBMy biggest gripe about my installation is the length of cable that I needed to conceal.

I wanted to use this wiring so I was able to use a power over ethernet (POE) splitter and injector (bought on Amazon) to run power to the camera and then connected the splitter to the camera's power cable using a USB adapter. Because the cable is permanently attached to the camera itself (which isn't inherently a bad thing, and probably has to do with waterproofing), installations like mine which don't require the cable to span a long distance to connect to power end up with a long mess of extra cord.

I ended up buying a weatherproof electrical box at the local home improvement store, mounting it near the camera, and tucking the cables inside (see picture).

I seldom need to review anything other than same or prior day.

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