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I wished him luck, because I balanced our bills and I wanted him to pay off his debt first before we made bigger financial decisions.

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Not only did Jay show us how fast we could eliminate debt, and leverage our hard earned money, but projected where we could be financially if we followed the 101 plan.

How can we explain the joy of realizing that we could pay off our debts and actually be alive to see our mortgage paid off before leaving this world?

" "My Husband and I were blessed to find out about 101 financial two years ago, but we weren't quite sure about it. The one who need 101 so bad but like many other people we were skeptical or prideful we weren't ready.

I knew it was something I wanted to learn about but I was so scared to admit how bad off we were. After one year of knowing about 101 financial and not being students yet, I one day was at work and was thinking its time. We realized we weren't even living our lives anymore. We quickly graduated to 101 and took off from there!

Now being only two months out to our wedding day, we have realized how much this system has changed our perspective on life.

We are able to dream again, be able to dream bigger dreams and have a solid plan to reach them.

My only regret is not doing this sooner, but again I wouldnt have the experience and struggle to make this work. Right now is the right time, our economy is not getting better and our children and our debts only get bigger, if we dont do anything about it. Put it out there and you will achieve whatever you can dream." "The day we decided to take a leap of faith on the 101 Financial system was the day that has changed our lives forever.

To this date August, 2014, we have paid off ,000. We had just become parents, and as young parents, we wanted guidance to ensure our familys future.

"101 financial was introduced to my husband Henny Wasson by his golf friend Jay Toleafoa about three years ago in 2011.

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