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Perhaps the only major complication that could occur is below: Technically speaking, word order in Latin is very loose.


So, the chart shows the nominative, accusative, and genitive forms for Unus: Duo is actually an Irregular adjective; though it does slightly resemble First/Second adjectives in the plural, it actually forms quite differently in the dative and ablative forms.

For now, we will stick with the conventional nominative, accusative, and genitive trio.

However, it differs in the dative (for later) and genitive cases.

In the genitive, instead of using the -i, -ae, -i endings in the singular, all of the singular genitive forms end in -ius.

For instance, does "octo" describe how many boys or how many dogs?

Conventionally on the Latin Dictionary, adjectives will directly follow their respective noun, so in this case we have eight boys walking some dogs.

The chart below shows the first ten Cardinal numbers in Latin.

The chart on the Number Reference page expands on this chart.

However, there are some nuances that must be addressed.

Topics in this article include: Numbers are like adjectives in nearly every way. The only difference is that numbers answer a different question than conventional adjectives.

However, most numbers do not decline; in other words, for most numbers the form given above is the same regardless of case, number, or gender!

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