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The 24-hour cycle is used for official and exact purposes; the 12-hour cycle is also used in daily life, especially in spoken language. Since 2000, the year value is almost always written in four-digit form.

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The first is stealing your heart and the second is killing your loneliness! I can be spontaneous sometimes just because i love this life and i want to take just everything...

more about Anna from Kiev I believe that i am very mature woman who is sure in everything what she is doing..

Czech hockey team is also quite famous around the world with names like Jaromir Jagr or Dominik Hasek.

Not to mention Hollywood block busters which are often filmed in the Czech Republic.

Mainly women from the Eastern countries who are looking for a man from the Western countries.

Especially high-quality beautiful women are not obligated to settle just with the men of the country in which they were born.Only women who are able to understand English and want to meet men from abroad are utilizing this opportunity.This service is provided only for men from the United States, Canada or United Kingdom.more about Svetlana from Odessa I am serious in everything I do, sometimes even too serious but it does not prevent me from enjoying life, every day) I have many interests and I devote my spare time to the things...more about Katerina from Odessa I WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE...!!!Every user has to be approved before he can start conversation with the women.

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