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Using an audience suggestion, players explore their relationship to the topic as a starting point.The scenes progressively evolve as the exploration continues to an ending point. After eliciting the audience's suggestion, the ensemble explores it for a few minutes in either an unplanned or a predetermined structure.Various Harold structures use different sets of guidelines such as the 3x3 format.

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At the i O, the characters and relationships are heightened.

At the Upright Citizens Brigade, the "game" of the scene is heightened.

Each may use such information from the opening as: As the suggestion inspires the opening, the opening is a launching point for the first set of scenes.

Following the third scene, multiple members of the cast return to stage, for a group game based on the opening.

A textbook structure is the Advertising Meeting, where the entire cast must come up with an ad campaign for a new product.

More abstract group games are called presentational, which focus less on individual characters and more on a concept; for example, in "slide show", one improviser presents slides that are recreated by the rest of the troupe.

Close and Halpern's 1994 book Truth in Comedy is the definitive text on the form.

It describes a "training wheels Harold" as three acts (or "beats"), each with three scenes and a group segment. By the end of the piece, the three scenes have converged.

Textbook structures include: Rarely is the opening just about the literal suggestion.

The suggestion serves a starting point to discover greater underlying themes.

Some other examples of presentational group games are The second set of scenes heightens what was established in the first set.

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