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They are due to the pride of private intellect, and they can only be healed by humble submission to a Divine authority. Sola Fide (Justification by "Faith Alone") See the separate article J USTIFICATION . Priesthood of All Believers The "universal priesthood of believers" is a fond fancy which goes well with the other fundamental tenets of Protestantism.

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The Diet of the Holy Roman Empire, assembled at Speyer in April, 1529, resolved that, according to a decree promulgated at the Diet of Worms (1524), communities in which the new religion was so far established that it could not without great trouble be altered should be free to maintain it, but until the meeting of the council they should introduce no further innovations in religion, and should not forbid the Mass, or hinder Catholics from assisting thereat.

Yet upon that simple, unquestioning faith the Church was built up and is held together to this day.

See also Schaff "The Principle of Protestantism, German and English" (1845). Sola Scriptura ("Bible Alone") The belief in the Bible as the sole source of faith is unhistorical, illogical, fatal to the virtue of faith, and destructive of unity. No one denies the fact that Christ and the Apostles founded the Church by preaching and exacting faith in their doctrines.

It is opposed to the hierarchical system, which puts the essence and authority of the Church in an exclusive priesthood, and makes ordained priests the necessary mediators between God and the people".

Where religious indifference is prevalent, many will say they are Protestants, merely to signify that they are not Catholics.

The same man may call himself Protestant or Reformed: the term Protestant lays more stress on antagonism to Rome ; the term Reformed emphasizes adherence to any of the Reformers.

From this general principle of Evangelical freedom, and direct individual relationship of the believer to Christ, proceed the three fundamental doctrines of Protestantism — the absolute supremacy of (1) the Word , and of (2) the grace of Christ, and (3) the general priesthood of believers. The Calvinistic branches of Protestantism went farther in their antagonism to the received traditions than the Lutheran and the Anglican ; but all united in rejecting the authority of the pope.

Reformation), sums up the principles of Protestantism in the following words: The Protestant goes directly to the Word of God for instruction, and to the throne ofgrace in his devotions; whilst the pious Roman Catholic consults the teaching of his church, and prefers to offer his prayers through the medium of the Virgin Mary and thesaints. Hence, besides having its own symbols or standards of public doctrine, it retained all the articles of the ancient creeds and a large amount of disciplinary and ritual tradition, and rejected only those doctrines and ceremonies for which no clear warrant was found in the Bible and which seemed to contradict its letter or spirit.

This is quite clear from the words of Scripture : "Therefore, we also give thanks to God without ceasing: because, that when you had received of us the word of the hearing of God, you received it not as the word of men, but (as it is indeed) the word of God " ( 1 Thessalonians ).

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